34 Amazing Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas

Amazing Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas 15

A nautical bathroom decor is not always a boat wheel hanging on the wall and a lighthouse nightlight in the corner.

The ways of the water have come a long way in decorating the powder room with fresh colors and everything from sandy beaches to beautiful sea birds and shells.

There are soap dishes in various shapes, hand towels, toilet seats and matching shower curtains that all represent the ocean in a way that is a bit more modern than traditional lighthouse and ship’s wheel.

Beginning with the shower curtain, because that is what people probably notice first when they enter the room, this would set the tone for the rest of the room. There are those people who like their restroom to be more muted, so the sandy colors of a beach and a light colored seagull might be just the thing for their taste.

This type of decoration would also work well with tan or brown and pale yellow towels, a light colored fish as a liquid soap dispenser and a tan toilet seat would complete the seascape look.

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