Amazing Green Kitchen Cabinets Design And Decor Ideas 04
Amazing Green Kitchen Cabinets Design And Decor Ideas 04

36 Amazing Green Kitchen Cabinets Design And Decor Ideas

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Green kitchen cabinets made from eco-friendly bamboo are increasing in popularity around the globe. This material is from a highly sustainable resource.

While homeowners should be aware that bamboo is in fact a grass and not a wood, it is surprisingly strong and durable and can last for many years. Bamboo will grow and mature in only seven years, compared to a tree which will take considerably longer.

Bamboo is available as a natural or scotch option, this means it comes in its natural light wood color or a darker color, depending on your overall design and preference. This is a highly durable material, so when you choose green kitchen cabinets, you know they will last for many years.

The advantage to green kitchen cabinets is they also come in a choice of grains, providing you with texture and design to your doors, creating a spectacular focal point to enhance your modern kitchen.

These are also available in slab or shaker designs, both of which will compliment a modern kitchen with ease. Slabs are the popular choice for modern kitchens with their sleek and smooth finish and clean edges. Shaker is more textured and stylish, they have a straight edged design, which appeals to a large number of homeowners looking to add a personal touch to their modern kitchen design.

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