34 Wonderful Spring Living Room Decor Ideas

Wonderful Spring Living Room Decor Ideas 01

Spring is the time to renew, refresh & revive your living room. After the long winter days give a nod to spring with these quick & simple ideas that will give you the feeling of freshness!

Give your coffee & end tables a fresh look. Remove the stacks of books & clutter and go simple! A floral arrangement on the coffee table and a new spring decorating book or magazine is all you need.

Remove the dark shades from your lamps and invest in new, lighter & brighter colored shades. What an easy and affordable way to change the look of those lamps you’ve had forever. Maybe they are in need of a little spray painting. If the base of your lamp is black, try painting them ivory. If they are brass colored, simply prime and paint them a hot new metallic like copper or brushed nickel.

For the top of an entertainment center, I like to place an urn filled with a trailing ivy plant, a stone bird, a bird’s nest , and a stack of wicker suitcases. If you don’t have wicker suitcases, try using a stack of wicker baskets, picnic baskets, or even a wicker charger propped up with an easel.

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