34 Affordable Bunk Beds Design Ideas For Boys Room

Affordable Bunk Beds Design Ideas For Boys Room 01

Parents who have more than one child will absolutely adore bunk beds for kids. They provide a fun experience of sleeping and save a lot of room space.

The stackable nature of these beds allow for you to save space by having two twin size beds while only taking up the space of one twin size one.

The typical features of bunk beds are two beds that stack on top of each other, two guard rails on the sides of the top bunk and a ladder to allow the child staying in the top bunk to climb safely up and down. There is also the twin over the full bunk which can cater three persons at the same time. They consist of a full at the bottom with a twin bed at the top. Such a type of bed is also useful when you have guests coming in. If they have kids with them then they can use this bed allowing the child to sleep with his or her parents at the same time without feeling insecure in a new environment.

There is a huge variety of different bunk beds to choose from. Most beds are made out of metal and wood. The wooden ones provide various vibrant colors and patterns that can match the decor of almost any type of room. Moreover, they look a lot more elegant than the metal ones. They are made out of light oak or also pine is popular among children. There are also many wooden ones that are painted with soft chromatic colors for girls or bold and bright colors for boys.

Bunk beds for kids also come in different and innovative new designs. There are themed ones which resemble the shape of a car or a castle. These will provide an even better fun experience for sleeping. Loft ones have introduced the facility of storage. These types of beds have drawers and shelves built inside that can be used to store books and toys thus saving even more room space.

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