34 Beautiful Mixed Color Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Mixed Color Bedroom Decorating Ideas 15

So you’ve chosen a main or wall color for your bedroom. Once you choose the main color, the hardest part is over! You may be asking yourself, “Now what?!”

The next steps include bringing in an additional or multiple colors to create a winning combination. Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well, it can be, but when it comes to the wonderful world of color.

There are plenty of scientific and psychological options to consider. Keeping in line with our “relaxing” bedroom, we will keep things simple and examine the idea of using basic color complements.

In technical terms a complement is a color’s exact opposite on the color wheel. One of the coolest things about complements is that they allow even the brightest colors to be subdued when paired. Most importantly, the use of complements allows you to introduce more color while maintaining a sense of harmony. We can all agree that the bedroom is definitely a place where harmony is of the utmost importance.

Some common examples of complementary color pairings include Red & Green, Purple & Yellow and Blue & Orange, Lime Green & Magenta & finally Teal & Red-Orange. Please keep in mind that these are basic color “family” complements, but when at the paint store or utilizing an online color tool you have many options for hue intensity & tones to consider.

When paired together, they balance one another adding a calming effect to the space. If you started with one of your least favorite colors, the opposite color will be one that you really like, ultimately having a positive effect on your mood. Complements can also spark exciting situations without being too overpowering which is great for creating relaxation and romance.

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