35 Popular Bedside Table Ideas To Beautify Your Bedroom

Popular Bedside Table Ideas To Beautify Your Bedroom 20

Believe it or not there are numerous things to consider when purchasing a bedside table, but you don’t have to be a realist.

You may need to be a little pragmatic though and if you have limited storage space in your bedroom you should really consider choosing a bedside table or bedside cabinet that offers you that all important storage.

Having the option to hide your personal items away in a self-contained cupboard or shelf will make your room look less cluttered and much neater. You also need to think about the height of bedside table that will suit you and your requirements best.

Most people prefer the height of the table to be level with the top of the mattress for practical reasons. This gives an even line to the bed, but is this the look you are trying to achieve? Framing Low beds, platform beds or futons with higher bedside tables provides depth and adds another dimension to the room. Try opting for a slightly more unusual shape such as a hand-drum type shape side table to add another aspect and further structure to your room. Perhaps you prefer your nightstand to be a little lower than the mattress? Platform beds often feature integrated bedside tables for a modern, sleek look that gives width to the bed and focuses the eye.

You may want to consider the height of your lamp to ensure it is at the optimum level for reading. The base of the lampshade should be at shoulder level when sitting in a reading position.

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