33 Gorgeous Blue Interior Design Ideas You Will Love

Gorgeous Blue Interior Design Ideas You Will Love 13

Wherever we go, wherever we turn, a shade of blue always follows: the sky, the ocean, blue flowers and birds, blue mountain tops and deep blue lakes.

Blue is a calm, restful color, perfectly suitable for interior design, especially for bedrooms. It’s a Mediterranean color, one that reminds of the summer and the sea, a define mood booster.

For this reason interior designers started to use this color in offices, day rooms and even to decorate summer gardens and kitchens.

Blue in offices has a good impact on the attentiveness of the workers. People are more productive in blue rooms, focused and creative. Even sportsmen perform better in blue rooms. Blue generally symbolizes harmony, peace, healing and happiness, but it could have “dark” meanings too. Lovers of blue tend to be introverted. While pale blue describes a happy personality, as the blue gets darker it becomes moody and depressing, especially when it’s not associated with “positive” colors. Too much blue for a room and that space will become gloomy and depressing. Interior design deals with shapes and colors, combining them to create a pleasant atmosphere in every home.

Navy blue is a dark color that requires careful employment in a design composition. But used in the right amounts and on the right spots, navy blue can be the decisive element to enhance a design transforming a primarily dull space into an oasis of joy. Navy blue is the color of the deep seas. It’s used often in designing the interiors of beach hotels and terraces. It reminds of handsome sailors (NAVY sailors do have those already famous navy-and-white striped t-shirts) and sailing adventures. What could better boost your mood than a dining room bathed in summery lights, where the 5 o’clock ice tea waits for you on a navy-and-white striped placemat?

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