35 The Best Modern Office Space Ideas

The Best Modern Office Space Ideas 31

As various studies explored the direct relationship between employee productivity, employee satisfaction and the office interior design, the demand for innovative workspaces widely increased.

It led numerous organizations, including the corporate giants to do away with the conventional workplaces comprising of cubicles, to embrace a more modern and flexible work environment.

Moreover, the continuous evolution of technology and change in modern business practices that demands collaboration and creativity further resulted in the adoption of a modern office design. Below are some of the characteristics of a contemporary workplace interior design:

Collaborative workspaces: Group discussions and brainstorming play a key role in organizational success. For almost a decade, most collaboration happened in closed conference rooms and other formal meeting spaces through scheduled meetings. However, in this era of severe competition, where innovation and quick decisions are of prime importance, the medium for collaboration has drastically changed. As social interactions and engagement are the main drivers behind innovation, organizations now prefer informal, collaborative workspaces instead of private, closed ones. The walls are being lowered, the partitions are being removed and lots of informal meeting spaces are being added to foster collaboration, creativity and exchange information. The modern workplace office design consists of informal collaborative spaces in open spaces that support group work, unplanned meetings, brainstorming sessions and video conferencing.

Vibrant colour scheme: Colour is a powerful element that influences one’s mood and elicits emotions. Whilst the traditional offices preferred fewer colours, the modern office design consists of vibrant and bright colours that spark enthusiasm and creativity. Bright colours that infuse employees with energy, enhance their concentration and reduce stress levels are generally preferred.

Flexible and technology integrated seating: Technology is an integral part of a modern office design. The office interior design should facilitate wireless communication throughout the office for effective means of communication. Additionally due to wireless technology, an employee doesn’t need to be stationed at the same desk always. Modern office design also makes use of easily reconfigurable furniture and infrastructure to easily accommodate organizational change with minimum costs.

Elements of nature: Biophilic design trend is one of the important characteristics of a modern office design. It involves creating natural settings inside the office using elements that mimic nature and give a feeling of the outdoors. Having large, open widows for access to natural light and creating a small indoor courtyard transforms a dull and boring space into an inspiring one. Moreover, organisations can also create a visual connection to nature by adding photographs or paintings of natural forms. This kind of environment relieves employees of stress, lifts up their mood and lowers absenteeism.

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