33 Admirable Modern Wood Table Design Ideas

Admirable Modern Wood Table Design Ideas 05

In working with tables, choosing the specific type desired is the first step which will include both the size and style of the table. Counter selection will include the size and location of the counter. The table types can include the kitchen table set, end tables, coffee tables, the office meeting tables and so forth.

Counters are usually found in the kitchen and often in an office room and in the garage. With the type and location in mind, the size is fairly easy to determine given the size of the space to be occupied. The final choice in this step includes the style desired such as classic, traditional, western, modern, etc.

The balance of this article will consider the solid wood table and counter tops that are available to purchase as part of a single table or a table set or counter, to have made or to make it yourself. These tops will be influenced by the entire structure of the table or counter chosen. In dealing with tables such as office conference tables or dining tables the layout of the top is influenced significantly by the support structure which includes the legs and attachment support work holding the top. Counters are generally held by solid sides with one side often holding drawers. The coffee table or an end table may also have a drawer or drawers as part of that table.

The shape that the wood for the top is cut begins the process. Square, circular etc. is the basic shape of the table or counter top. Once the top is cut there is some type of edging applied. The edging may be a simple rounded edge all around the wood top or a specific edge with a vertical edge at right angles to the top. On some tables such as an end table for example, one edge may be vertical where the table will touch the wall and edged differently the rest of the way around the top.

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