32 Inspiring Small Standing Tub Design Ideas For Bathroom

Inspiring Small Standing Tub Design Ideas For Bathroom 01

Free standing bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure to measure the space available in your bathroom carefully before getting your heart set on a certain style. Some shapes and styles require more room than others.

Round bathtubs, for instance, are often designed to be a centerpiece and will only work in a larger bathroom. On the other hand, corner bathtubs are sometimes crafted with space-saving in mind. Don’t forget to measure openings and hallways as well to ensure the tub can make the trip from the front door to the bathroom. If you’re purchasing a walk-in style bathtub, allow for room to open the access door as well.

Whether you want a traditional material or something more exotic, you’ll find free standing bathtubs that are made from it. From long-lasting and traditional materials like cast iron, copper, and acrylic, to more cutting edge materials like concrete, stone, and stainless steel, to alternative traditional materials like wood, you can have almost anything you want. In making a decision, you’ll want to think about durability and maintenance as well as appearance. Some materials, including stone, require more caretaking than ones like acrylic. Consider how often the tub will be used and who will be using it to help you make a good choice.

Modern or traditional? Avant-garde or classic? No doubt you may have an easy time figuring out what style works for you. Classic clawfoot and pedestal tubs work for a more traditional bathroom but modern renovations of these standard styles may surprise modern homeowners. Sleek circular bathtubs stand out from the rest but may require more room. Some corner bathtub styles, however, are a perfect fit for a small bathroom. A walk-in bath tub freestanding provides added accessibility and flexibility. If you want whirlpool jets, your style choices will be more limited but no doubt you’ll consider it a small tradeoff. And Japanese or soaking tubs are perfect for bathing enthusiasts.

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