32 Fabulous Living Room Greenery Decor Ideas

Fabulous Living Room Greenery Decor Ideas 08

Your “garden room” may be a large kitchen, an enclosed courtyard, the living room or even a bedroom. And to make the garden blend in with the other elements of your home and make it seem like an extension of your home, several architectural features may be built into the house. For instance, you could add a French window, a patio or just a sun deck.

However, conservatories with glass walls and glass ceilings are possibly one of the best ways to make the garden really blend in with your home. You could create island of plants in the conservatory and also hang them from baskets as well to get the impression of being surrounded by lush greenery all around.

And in case you have a verandah or a sun deck in your home, then that would be another ideal place for plants as these places receives lots of sun and can thus nourish any kind of plants. Fixing a retractable awning overhead to keep out the rain or sun would be a good thing to do.

Adding an artificial waterfall to your garden room would also be a great thing to do, but you might want to exercise a lot of imagination and creativity in doing this.

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