36 The Best Firewood Storage Design Ideas

The Best Firewood Storage Design Ideas 35

It’s hard to deny the comfort you get from a wood burning fire but storing a winter supply of firewood takes up a lot of space. A firewood storage rack is one way to store your wood but do you really need to buy a rack?

The answer is no you don’t need a firewood storage rack. You can just throw your wood on the ground and cover it with something to keep the rain off and it will still burn ok.

But just because that way will work doesn’t always mean it’s the best way to do it. Stacking your firewood in a rack does have advantages. A rack will help keep your firewood clean and dry. Wood will absorb moisture when it is in contact with the soil. It will also tend to start growing fungus and start to decay. A wood pile directly on the ground will often attract gophers and other rodents that will push up dirt into the pile and the wood becomes a mess.

When stacked in a rack firewood will be help up off the ground and be in a better position for good air circulation to keep your wood dry. The rack will make your stack more stable and easier to cover. Some racks come with covers specially designed to fit the rack to cover your wood but still allow air circulation.

A firewood storage rack can also save space. When stacked upright firewood takes up less space than if it was left loose in a heaping pile. A rack can make stacking your firewood a much easier job. A rack already has an even stable base to give your wood stack a good stable foundation. End supports give you something to stack the ends against so you will have stable vertical ends to your stack.

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