37 Popular Living Room Table Lamps To Beautify Your Interior Decor

Popular Living Room Table Lamps To Beautify Your Interior Decor 13

When you are decorating your home the kind of table lamps lighting that you choose to accompany the furnishings and other accessories will have a great impact on the look and feel of the room.

Table lamps come in hundreds of different styles, colors and materials and they are a great way to express your unique sense of style in your home.

Beginning in the living room, table lamps often serve as accent lighting when there is a main light source such as a chandelier or a ceiling light fixture. Selecting your accent lighting gives you so many opportunities to express your creative side while still adhering to the overall theme of the space.

If your room is decorated in an Asian-inspired theme, there are many styles of lamps that will fit right in with your room. Take for instance the Ancient Snuff Bottle Porcelain Lamp. This hand painted, round-shaped white lamp painted in blue has a dark, amber silver leaf mounting. It would fit right in with a contemporary decorating style. Another fine example of a table lamp is the Alloy Chinese Vase. Crafted in a burnished, hand-finished bronze, this lamp looks like a fine antique. It would stand out in a living room, family room, your home office or a formal bedroom.

A striking addition that will certainly spark conversation is a lamp like the Chinese Vase Ceramic Lamp. A white porcelain lamp hand painted in black offers a striking contrast. This stylish, contemporary piece could easily serve on a night stand, on a coffee table in the living room or on a side table in the foyer.

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