33 Fascinating Bathtub Decor Ideas That You Should Copy

Fascinating Bathtub Decor Ideas That You Should Copy 23

One of the many wonderful things about putting a corner whirlpool bathtub in your bathroom is the many decorating options that it opens up.

You now have tons of extra space to walk through in the bathroom, more wall space for hanging art or shelves, more tiled “counter” space to place accessories and a more stylish look to start off with.

The corner whirlpool bathtub itself allows you to add a major style point to your bathroom. It is completely customizable because the surround has to be built and styled specifically for your bathroom.

The material you choose for your custom corner whirlpool bathtub surround will really help to set the tone for your entire bathroom look. You may wish to choose a southwestern look with orange tiles, a tropical look, a modern look or something more traditional. You may choose tiles for your corner whirlpool bathtub that match the tile on your floor or go with something totally different to create more of a contrast. Either way, your corner whirlpool bath tub surround will make a huge impact on the look of your bathroom.

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