38 Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom Decor That You Definitely Like

Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom Decor That You Definitely Like 38

Indian-inspired accent toss pillows bring a subtle boho vibe to a neutral ivory room. Bold rich hues and embroidered textiles offset white walls and add earth plants for a laid back bohemian ambiance. A minimal bedroom feels earth-friendly with patterned sheer curtains and bohemian tapestries, whether they are hanging from the walls or on thrown across the bed.

Colorful accents like crystals and sculptures lend a zen bohemian feel to a living room. Old doors and distressed woods add to the travel splurge of the bohemian spirit. Don’t shy away from an exuberant carved Buddha, Ganesha wall panel talking about the histories of old tribes, when paired with other bold colors and patterns it looks like a bright Indian bazaar.

Bring in old rugs and distressed woods, antique chests carved by hand and eclectic artifacts and let your spirit surge across the seven oceans. Ornate Prints and exuberant hues, more are exciting and lovely, multi-colored ikat-ethnic mandala printed bedding and pashmina throws complement one another. Rustic woods and distressed Indian furniture adds the boho flavor along with a bench filled with an array of printed ethnic tribal pillows.

Clashing wall tapestries, old traditional patterns, and zen sculptures create an eclectic decor scheme. A floor bed made up of pashmina blankets transforms a dull bedroom into a free spirit haven. A tribal patchwork kutch rug complements earthy tones and green bamboo plants. A tribal rug makes a great wall hanging and also a colorful headboard. Sheer curtains with brocade tabs put a chic twist onto the doorway of a simple room. Whitewashed woods and ivory palette styled with contrasting throws on a daybed or swing makes for the ultimate boho-inspired living space.

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