35 Fabulous Pantry Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

Fabulous Pantry Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen 07

You have to take it a bit slowly before choosing to do a whole kitchen remodel. Home improvement can be expensive, so it should not be rushed into.

Take a long look at what you already have and try to fix storage issues rather than rushing into remodeling. You may also have to contend with limited issues like the lack of enough space to fit all the things you want to have inside your kitchen. What solutions do you have?

One should think out of the box and to find more spaces by looking beyond the obvious of installing more cupboards. You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of space that is actually available. Take a closer look at your kitchen and you will discover there are a lot of kitchen pantry storage spaces there that are not actually used. It is important that you revisit your kitchen and assess your options by looking at it from a different prospective.

You would be surprised how much of the problem can be solved simply by reorganizing your pantry cabinet. Here you should find a lot of ways where you can use your pantry in a more efficient manner. You can follow a shelf arrangement that will ensure that there are not many spaces between levels. This is achieved by organizing the items that you put on them in similar height or size categories.

You can also leave some open bottom spaces for bulky things such as food processing machines, pet foodstuffs and other items that eat up space but are not needed regularly. If you want to store canned items in your pantry, the shelves must be spaced closer together than it should be when they are shelving boxed goods. The rule of thumb in arranging the shelves in your pantry is that you should maintain no more that 3 inches gap in between levels of the shelves. Your overall goal is to maintain order while utilizing all available storage space in your pantry.

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