30 Awesome Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Awesome Small Kitchen Storage Ideas 13

If you’re looking for a solution to meet a problem and have found this discussion by searching for that, then by all means, keep reading. You’re bound to like what you find.

If you’re just intrigued by the subject or are always willing to justify the purchase of a new kitchen gadget, come sit by me and we’ll talk about kitchen storage.

Speaking of personal style, name something in your kitchen that needs a home because without one, it mucks up the feng shui? Did you say that you leave your bread on the counter? Oh friend, this is a grave mistake; you need a bread box. No, they’re not out-dated; they’re retro. And if you desire to clean up your act, or rather your kitchen, then you need this kitchen storage solution. Bread bins keep counters clean and free from clutter. Channel your inner grandmother: get a bread box.

Second question: remember refrigerator jars? Yes, your grandma probably had some of those, too. They are completely lovely, but not very durable. Instead, consider Glasslock kitchen storage containers by Snapware. If you’re trying to avoid the harmful chemicals that are emitted when plastic is warmed, you need to make the change to glass food containers. It may be a painful switch, but you will be rewarded with a cabinet that is happily devoid of plastic.

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