35 Lovely Romantic Bedroom Ideas Perfect For Valentine

Lovely Romantic Bedroom Ideas Perfect For Valentine 35

Bedroom is your private nest or hideout and if there is a place that should be as comfortable as possible then, it is your bedroom. No passengers, no lifts and no interference, it is meant for the two of you period.

Too many people, children crisscrossing, visitors entering the main house up to the bedroom; this is not possible. It is very personal and private, if it were possible, it should have been detached from the main house with locks and passwords known to the two of you only.

Designers are many; get them to give you a sense of humor, let your personality touch be explored and the room be put to an elegant taste. Styles are abundant; get a personalized touch, make it romantic and sweet looking. Color matching are plenty, make a date together and choose the most honorable thing. As usual, it is the bed that comes first. Get a feel of the headboard, get the wooden decoration right if it is naked, take its design and improve on it. Add a velvet cover or leather that matches with the mattress color. Look at the size; it has to be 6ft by 6ft square, to allow for roaming left right and centre and in any direction. A mattress of 4 inches is ideal.

Get your window blinders right to get the darkness required for your lighting. Translucent would be ideal colorful and romantic in shape. You can add beads and laces to lift up elegance to both doors and windows. Color palates are plenty with any variation to choose from, you can take blue shades; any blue adds calm and peace, you get a feel of the ocean beach with refreshing suns rays on the other side of the globe. The added relaxation of white is clean and memorable.

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