35 Beautiful Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments For Home Decoration

Beautiful Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments For Home Decoration 03 1

Looking for a cheap way to decorate your house for Christmas or any holiday. Try making a bunch or paper mache ornaments these can be used in several decorative ways for example:

hang several of them from the ceiling, Place several in a bowl for a center piece, string them together across an entry way or just hang them on your Christmas tree. Follow these easy steps and before you know it you will have your very own unique ornaments.

Take a small water balloon and blow it up to about three or four inches in diameter then tie the top. Place the balloon aside and begin to mix together flour and water in a medium sized bowl. You will only need a little bit of flour or until it makes a thin paste. Once you have made your mixture start tarring long thin strips of news paper. Now place a strip of news paper through the past and then smooth across the balloon.

Continue this process until the balloon is completely covered and has two to three layers. Give at least a day for the balloon to dry, you will want to make sure it is completely dry before you move on to the next step. Now for the fun part decorating, decorate your ornament to your own unique style. For this part I like to use paint. You can paint a solid color, pattern, design or even a picture. After you are done painting sprinkle a little glitter all over the ornament and then allow a few hour to dry.

When the ornament is dry glue a ribbon around the center of the ornament and small bow where the two ends of ribbon meet. To make a bow for the top just cut four, four inch long ribbons. Fold the ribbon in half and glue the center to the center top of the ornament then glue the two ends to the center of the ornament. Just continue this process with the other three ribbons, this will create a bow on top. Next cut a three inch ribbon loop it and glue it to the top center of the ornament on top of the bow.

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