34 The Best Modern Fireplace Christmas Decor Ideas

The Best Modern Fireplace Christmas Decor Ideas 34

In either your family room or your living room the fireplace is usually front and central. Most fireplaces have mantels and they make a perfect place to set your Christmas decor theme.

You can choose from an enormous range of options for this. Ideas can be anywhere from the traditional pine boughs to an ultra modern glitz. The idea is to continue your theme with the other decorating that you plan to do.

Is this the year that you are planning a departure from past years? Are you moving from the traditional green and red decor to a silvery look? Are you thinking of an ultra sophisticated look? Maybe you are considering a minimalist look. The mood you are thinking about should include your total decor with the mantel as the focal point.

Do you want your mantel to reflect the Christmas story? There are so many options to recreate the scene of Christ’s birth. There are beautiful crèches available. They are definitely part of the collectible Christmas decorations. Setting up the manger with the animals and the figures of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the angels, and the wise men provides an opportunity to teach children the story of Christ’s birth. You can find simple sets at many craft fairs. There are a number of wood carvers who make beautiful manger scenes. Alternately you can find a number of these nativity sets made from glass or porcelain.

If you are keeping with a traditional look this Christmas you can place pine boughs on the mantel and then add touches such as red Christmas balls, sprigs of red berries, red candles, and red ribbon. Another theme would be to go with all the accessories in gold. Or you could do a mixture of red, green, gold, and silver accents.

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