34 Beautiful Christmas Outdoors Lights Decoration Ideas

Beautiful Christmas Outdoors Lights Decoration Ideas 20

Christmas is a time of year that many love. As soon as the first snow fell last week our niece and nephew were already saying, “Christmas is here!”. Decorating for the Holidays is one thing that makes them seem even richer.

Outdoor tree lights and other decorations accent the yard, make the home stand out more against the snow, and greets the eyes of onlookers with joy.

Lights are an important means of making the decorations come alive. Blinking sequences, hanging icicles, and nodding reindeer are all part of the backdrop of a lively yard.

Before using just any lights outside, it is very important to be sure that all of the strands are rated for outdoor use. This wet/damp UL approval helps insure that harm will not come as a result of using the lights where they are exposed to rain and snow. Also before hanging or stringing of any bulbs it is important to check for any breaks or frays on the wires. Broken bulbs can also pose a danger. If any defects or wear is found then the lights should be discarded and new ones purchased.

One danger that many homeowners would not usually thing to be concerned about it pets. Some cats are very attracted to lights and will grab them with their mouth and pull the bulbs from the string. One of our cats actually chewed through one of the thin wires. This can create a fire hazard. Dogs also can get to playing with extension cords and unplug the lights from the far end of the cord. This leaves electric current in the cord that can pose a danger if is comes in contact with the wet ground.

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