33 Stunning Rustic Winter Kitchen Decor Ideas

Stunning Rustic Winter Kitchen Decor Ideas 25

To make your kitchen a cozier place in the winter, you could create some winter soups. There is nothing like coming in from a cold, rainy street after a day at work or school to a hot, steaming bowl of thick pea or lentil soup.

For a good smell, as well as a great source of fiber to eat with the soup, make some fresh bread. It is well-known, in fact, that the smell of fresh, baking bread has sold many a homeā€¦ and for good reason.

Kitchen furnishings also don’t have to be functional and cold-looking. Instead of a plain tablecloth, how about some pretty checked designs? Checked, colorful curtains can also be put up, instead of expressionless blinds. And how about some artistic, colorful wall-hangings, such as pressed flowers or a piece of homemade embroidery? (If your children are learning to sew at school, you can encourage them by putting their finished work on the wall.)

If your children eat earlier than you or your partner, don’t serve the meal in the dining room. Put up a small table or arrange chairs at the breakfast counter if you have one, and sit with them in the kitchen at supper times. These kinds of informal meals in the kitchen are the stuff of a happy childhood, and your children’s memories of family suppertime in the winter will always be good ones (and will be far better than Victorian children’s stories).

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