31 Awesome Small Christmas Trees For Small Space Living Room

Awesome Small Christmas Trees For Small Space Living Room 12

When I was young, most families had exactly one tree. There really were no small Christmas trees as we all believed the bigger the better.

All kids wanted a bigger tree than their parents thought would fit reasonably well in their homes. No one had more than one tree. And all trees were pretty much the same:

Once live trees that had been cut down and transported to somewhere you bought them, some how put in or tied to the car, and then transported home.

They were all various shades of green and pretty much the same, including around the same height, mainly between 5 to 7 ½ feet tall on average,

The creativity came in decorating them. We all used ball ornaments, various figurine ornaments, ornaments the kids had made, perhaps some silver tinsel, maybe strings of popcorn and similar. Of course all of them had lights, and there were really only one type of lights back them. Decorating a tree was a family affair and lots of fun, but you really only did it once as it was a lot of work and required supervision as well.

No one had more than one tree; it was just too much work! But what if it was possible to have an inexpensive tree that lasted nearly forever, one that fit just about anywhere, that was super easy to set up, take down, and store, and that maybe even came with lights pre-installed, perhaps even decorations already on it? Well in that case, maybe you could have more than one!

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