30 Inspiring RC Campers Interior Design Ideas

Inspiring RC Campers Interior Design Ideas 29

For those who are avid outdoorsmen or women, a truck camper can be an ideal platform to outdoor adventure. For those who already own a pickup of sufficient strength, they are already half way to owning a motorized RV, without the cost associated with the typical Class A or Class C motorhome.

Truck campers have a certain appeal in that when coupled with a four wheel drive truck, they can travel to the most out of the way places. When arriving at a camping destination, the truck camper can be unloaded from the truck making it available for exploration, hauling duties or other uses.

Truck campers by design fit into the pickup bed of a truck, with some overhanging the front and rear of the truck depending on the size of the model. There are models available for both short bed and long bed trucks, though those with a long bed truck have a much wider selection to choose from. There are also popup models available to cut down on weight and height, or to travel rough roads where a high center of gravity would be a liability.

Campers can be purchased with either aluminum siding or smooth easy to maintain fiberglass exteriors. Slideouts have made their appearance on modern campers with the biggest models sporting up to three slides, greatly increasing the interior living space. Interiors come complete with everything any other RV has, such as large refrigerators, bathrooms, interior and exterior storage, entertainment centers and so on. Keep in mind, these large burly campers need a VERY heavy duty truck to carry them safely. Truck campers are cheaper to buy, maintain and operate than other types of RV’s especially the motorized variety. The camper can be unloaded when at camp so the truck can be used alone. Higher end models have remote controlled jacks adding to the convenience in getting the camper on and off the pickup. With a camper, you can still tow a boat, horse trailer or other towable item adding to the recreational experiences possible. Truck campers are extremely versatile, and can travel almost anywhere there is a suitable road, especially when coupled with a four wheel drive truck.

Interior floor space is limited to the area of the pickup bed. Some basement models have the floor built above the wheel wells adding a bit more floor space to the arrangement. Truck campers can be hard to handle on the road especially in windy areas, or on windy roads with their high center of gravity. Aftermarket equipment will be required to enhance handling. Cabover beds on the smaller models can be hard to get into and navigate in for larger people. The large models need an expensive heavy duty truck to carry them. The truck must also be equipped with aftermarket gear such as air bags, heavy duty shocks and other enhancements to safely transport the camper, adding to overall costs. Truck campers can be purchased for under $10,000 for low end smaller models, to well over $40,000 for large, higher end, multi slideout units. A truck camper and a 4×4 truck can be a dream RV for many, especially those who want to reach out of the places with all the luxury of a full blown RV. Coupled with the fact that one can still tow a boat, a trailer full of quads and other toys, makes them an unbeatable combination for those who love to recreate in the wilds. The larger multi slide models would appeal to fulltimers who want to avoid the RV park scene, while smaller models are great for those who are weekend warriors wanting to make a quick escape. If you already own a decent truck, you’re halfway there.

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