35 Fabulous Contemporary Front Doors Design Ideas

Fabulous Contemporary Front Doors Design Ideas 35

One way to look at modern entry doors is as period doors that followed modernism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when this movement strongly resisted traditional creativity that permeated Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian art nouveau and neo-Georgian, and art deco architecture, especially English and French design.

Another way is as contemporary front doors, mostly Italian and Scandinavian productions, that are built on currently pressing concerns such as the combination of form and function, climate consciousness and environmental care. Thus, “modern” doors have two contrasting connotations.

In the interest of practicality and cleanness, numerous contemporary front doors are totally smooth-faced, specifically, plywood and MDF constructed flush doors as well as MDF and HDF constructed molded doors. Many have taken the cue from sliding, whether bypass or pocket doors, bifold, double and other closet door types on the valuable use of space. Common purposes for developing the latest entry door systems are to prevent air and moisture from penetrating the unit, increase security against burglary and theft, and improve insulation or cooling.

In place of intricately crafted heavy oak and mahogany that used to be the traditional wood doors of choice, an alternative range of softwood and hardwood timbers are gaining attention, like maple and pine that look cooler and casual. In fact, engineered wood grain finishes resembling real wood are actually replacing wood! They are often combined with fiberglass, which resists warping and corrosion unlike wood or metal. Wood veneer is another smart choice as there is no need for painting or staining. Old-Hollywood chrome and futuristic silver are other finishes as favored as glazing and double glazing.

Glass, stainless steel, sheet metal, vinyl and composite surface materials are widely used for contemporary front doors. Arcadia doors, which are sliding glass types, and also Japanese shoji screens can be added to modern structures for consuming space efficiently. Upgrading transoms, mullions, sidelites (or sidelights), usually instead of panels, veneer laminated hinges and other such as components provide entranceways with low-cost instant facelifts. Revolving doors are popular in modern buildings not only for dramatic effect but also because they seal interiors tightly and maximize the A/C.

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