30 Nice Farmhouse Country Kitchen Design And Decor Ideas

Nice Farmhouse Country Kitchen Design And Decor Ideas 20

Some hear the term “country kitchen” and have visions of ceramic rooster salt and pepper shakers and curtains adorned barnyard animals. While this sort of décor appeals to some it is certainly not the only option for those who want a country kitchen. A French country kitchen is a lovely choice.

Metal accents are one simple way to give a that country feel to your kitchen décor. Consider a metal chandelier or a weather vane placed next to the door. Metal accent that show a bit of rust, wear and distress can give your room that much more charm.

One thing that may come to mind when you think of a country kitchen from France is Delft blue. This is an easy way to add splashes of colour while at the same time producing that warm, rustic feel that you want. Hand painted tiles, linen curtains or fabric chair cushions are a few of the ways that you can bring this blue into the room without it being overpowering.

A farmhouse sink is an obvious choice for any type of country kitchen and a French country kitchen is no exception. These charming sinks work well in a typical cabinet or, for an added touch of elegance; you can add carved details, such as faux legs, to your farmhouse sink. These sinks are available in a variety of colours and finishes including everything from white porcelain and distressed copper. While copper finishes will be discussed in the next section, it is important to be careful not to overdo it. If you choose a copper farmhouse sink then let that be the main copper element rather than having several others that will be competing for attention with the sink.

Copper finishes add warmth to your French country kitchen. You can choose to bring in copper elements in the small details that you add to the room, such as an antique recipe box or a cookbook stand. Light fixtures, faucets and switch plate covers are other ways that coppers can be used to add the finishing touches to your room. As is the case with every decorating project, the details can make the room. Be careful when selecting knick knacks and other decorative items as adding too many will make the room look cluttered. Instead, choose one or two that really stand out to you and allow those items to shine. Shop in antique stores and from online retailers who specialize in French country décor. You will find an abundance of choices that will bring the finishing touches to your French country kitchen.

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