32 Lovely Thanksgiving Crafts Decorations Ideas

Lovely Thanksgiving Crafts Decorations Ideas 08

Now is the perfect time to try some Thanksgiving crafts and prepare the centerpieces and favors for your special Thanksgiving dinner. One simple idea that makes a great smelling centerpiece is to make a bundle of spice sticks.

To create this sweet smelling and stylish Thanksgiving craft you will need approximately 32 cinnamon sticks of about 16 inches long, floral tape, a glue gun, and an assortment of dried flowers, small pine cones, 2″” wide velvet ribbon, and 1″ wide grosgrain ribbon.

When selecting the assortment of dried flowers try to find flowers that will Thanksgiving decorations or tableware. To make the spice bundle wrap 4 of the cinnamon sticks together with floral tape. Don’t cut this tape off but wait to wrap it around the remaining pieces too. Then, add the rest of the cinnamon sticks a few at a time holding them tightly against the first bundle, and wrap tape around the whole bundle. Cut off the tape off of the roll.

Insert and arrange flowers and pine cones by dipping the ends into glue before placing among the cinnamon sticks. Have the flowers point out away from the center of the cinnamon sticks and leave room for the 2″ ribbon right in the center. Wrap the 2″ wide velvet ribbon around the bundle and tie a bow. Add a small bow of 1″ wide grosgrain on top of the velvet bow. Use complementary color ribbons to your anticipate table settings and your flowers. Hide the knotted part beneath a few small flowers.

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