30 Wonderful Paper Mache Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

Wonderful Paper Mache Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas 30

Learning how to paper mache has to be one of the easiest ways to create anything from extremely detailed sculptures and art works to the brightly colored but ultimately doomed party piñata, and because it is so cheap you really don’t have to worry when your creation is annihilated by a bunch of kiddies in party mode.

The art of papier-mâché, which incidentally is French for ‘chewed-up paper’ has been around for as long as paper itself. It has been widely used in many ancient cultures to create such things as decorative boxes and picture frames and was even used to make motives for decorating armour!

These days people still use it for a huge variety of things. piñata’s and cute piggy banks using balloons for moulds are really popular but when made with many layers and properly treated the humble newspaper is often transformed into wonderful parade floats and even furniture!

Naturally the attraction to paper mache is; #1 it is so versatile, and of course #2 it is extremely cheap. You can use a variety of ingredients from wallpaper paste to PVC glue, but I personally choose to stick to the old fashioned way because it’s not only the cheapest but it is also the easiest and will definitely give you the best result.

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