33 Top Thanksgiving Centerpieces Table Decor Ideas

Top Thanksgiving Centerpieces Table Decor Ideas 08

Would you like your Thanksgiving table to be remembered for years to come? Try the following ideas to create a dazzling Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Fall leaves can be combined with miniature pumpkins to create a colorful piece. First, collect dried leaves from the yard and then use spray-paint to seal in the color.

Orange, red, and gold leaves look particularly great with a Thanksgiving spread. Then arrange the leaves in the center of the table and place a few pumpkins in various shapes and colors among them. A candle in the center of the arrangement will complete the look, and it can be lit to catch the vibrant colors of the piece.

A family photo, combined with acorns, pinecones, and a few fake red berries from your local craft store also creates a great fall appearance. You can glue the items together in a small basket and display them for all to see. This creates a beautiful and unique centerpiece that celebrates your family. If your centerpiece is for a corporate or group function, you can display different photo of attendees on each table.

Exquisite and elaborate centerpieces can also be purchased at stores such as Crate & Barrel or Pier One. You can choose from votive candles in a number of sizes and styles, and there are cornucopias in gorgeous woven baskets that can be placed on your table.

If you have a number of tables for your Thanksgiving feast, consider purchasing one large centerpiece for the main table and a number of smaller pieces for each additional table. Stay with the same colors and theme, and it will pull the party together nicely.

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