33 Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas 22

Welcome your friends and family to a Thanksgiving feast with beautiful table accents. These 14 ideas are simple Thanksgiving decorations to make for the table this holiday. Find simple Thanksgiving crafts and arrangements.

You can also use those lentils as a kind of candle-holder. Fill a shallow bowl with different colored lentils, and nestle short candles into the lentils.

Take foam balls and coat with glue. Roll in the seeds, beans, or lentils. Hang with loop of twine or ribbon from an arrangement of twigs in a tall vase. You can also display the seed balls in a shallow bowl on the table instead of hanging.

Pomegranates and cranberries are wonderful additions to a fall spread. Fill a tall, clear vase with fresh cranberries. You can add branches, bark, or cinnamon sticks. Fill a fewer shorter vases only with cranberries and water, and float candles on top.

Pick up simple burlap from the garden center (the burlap with the looser weave looks better) and use it to create a table runner, place mats, or a table cloth. The edges can be kept a little frayed for a rustic look great for autumn gathering.
Place burlap underneath your Thanksgiving rolls in the serving dish or bowl, letting a little come up at the sides. This gives a warm and rustic look to your table.

For a nice table decoration, fill vases or, better yet, tall glassware with colorful leaves of the season. Dry the leaves between sheets of paper towel before using. Take simple, clear votives and decoupage colorful leaves to the outside with your preferred adhesive (mod podge would work great), or for an easier shortcut, just tie them on with a bit of twine.

Punch a hole in small pumpkins to serve as candleholders for your table. Turn a craft or real pumpkin into a fun Thanksgiving turkey with colorful foam feathers. Add a smaller craft or real gourd for the head. This turkey makes for a fun craft for kids. Cut off the top of a bigger pumpkin to serve as a vase for an autumn bouquet. Paint a band of strong adhesive around the middle of a pumpkin (or candle) or use double-sided tape. Roll the pumpkin in an assortment of dried beans or lentils for a decorative, autumn look. Instead of place cards, write the names of dinner guests on tiny pumpkins or gourds. You can also crochet some squash and gourds with this free crochet pattern.

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