35 Popular Desk Lamps Design Ideas For Your Home Office Decor

Popular Desk Lamps Design Ideas For Your Home Office Decor 33

Desk lamps can be used at home and in the offices too. Hence there is an endless variety to choose from. They can be used by adults for office work and children for their studies. Hence the choice can be very specific.

It is like buying a pair of suitable glares or shoes. What fits right for the purpose, is the key to buying the right desk lamp. The lamp should not strain the eyes during long working hours or studies. This is one essential criterion while shopping for one.

The most common variety which has halogen bulbs cannot be right for everyone. These bulbs can be very bright and tire the eyes. These are definitely not recommended for the children. They cannot study for long hours without the eyes getting droopy and tired. Some times the glimmer and flicker of long use of the halogen lamp can be another strenuous factor to the eyes. This kind of light is very focused only on the text that is being read. The other areas of the desk remain dark, unless the other light is on in the room. When one is looking for desk lamps, the main issue is the bulb and the light it throws on the study material and work at hand. The design and features come second. The utility stands over the d├ęcor part.

Yes there are designer desk lamps also available. Like in case of other designs, one can get with adjustable necks. The lamp can be fixed at one single point with a long wire. It can be shifted around the table. One can also use regular bulbs instead of the halogen variety. The new varieties come with a soft focused glow that does not strain the eyes. Most students and business people are looking at appropriate desk lamps for various purposes. The most important features of the desk lamp are the on and off function with adjustable necks. Ideally a change of handy bulb is also recommended if there is a fuse. With these simple features working or studying can be an enjoyable experience.

Desk lamps are now more than just functional. They also have some attachments like small clock, MP3 player! They are not to disturb the peace but to enhance it. With the clock attached one cannot get swayed burning the mid night oil lamp. A little soft music breaks the monotony also.

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