33 Lovely Single Family Home Design Ideas

Lovely Single Family Home Design Ideas 24

The nuclear family is still going strong in North America. Room to make your own home or find one with enough backyard space is still available in almost every area. The vast tracts of land in the prairies are testament to this.

Single family homes are the most common form of living in both suburban and rural areas. These homes can vary in size, but for the most part are built to house parents and up to four children comfortably. This fashion has become popular in Europe and richer areas of the Third World.

This method of family living is a true North American quality: people prefer privacy, space and quiet. Suburban areas are very quiet and single family homes give enough space for the average family to still have privacy within the home. Extra bedrooms and dens make it possible to house many relatives during the holidays. With a fully finished basement, single family homes can host parties, reunions, showers and the list goes on. Many new developments boast large backyards suitable for both the children and the dog to play in.

New sub-urban areas would have up-to-date designs showcased. There are no property management fees with single family homes; one can expand the house according to local laws and the surrounding area within the property is completely private to the owners. Heating costs are questionable in the winter, but with proper insulation and new methods of building that are designed to trap heat better, this is only a small con against the many pro’s for single family homes. The landscaping and house repairs are at the owner’s expense, but that only means the owner is learning through the Internet about how to prune trees and kill dandelions. The suburban lifestyle is a good place to raise children. Schools are close by and local supermarkets are usually a five-minute drive away. There are plenty of pedestrian only green paths to walk down and some new developments even boast a small, swimmable lake. It is not as crowded as most urban centers are and far less dangerous.

Community centers offer exercise, small markets and specialty businesses that are useful to single families. Libraries and swimming pools are commonly found near suburban areas if not in the very middle. Local groups offer organized sports for all ages and multi-ethnic areas have houses of worship for all religions. There is usually one close by in every suburban area. Richer neighborhoods sometimes have quick access to quality restaurants. Our society has afforded us the ability to raise children in peaceful communities. We should always appreciate and use the advantages that our society provides for us. For children and for peace and quiet, single family homes are where to start and continue a family. A persons’ childhood home could become, over the years, their own family home. There is always enough space for a mother-in-law or working cousin. Memories and lives can be built in the same house for generations, possibly lasting until the next millennium.

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