32 Beautiful Rooftop Garden Ideas

Beautiful Rooftop Garden Ideas 12

Whether it’s because you live in a city and have no space for a garden or because you want to utilize your roof for more gardening space, a rooftop garden could be just the thing for you!

From the tops of apartment buildings to roofs in suburbia, rooftop gardens have become all the rage within the last couple years. So if you’ve been thinking about a garden like this or have just now realized it’s a possibility here are some things to know before you take on creating your perfect rooftop Eden.

Rooftop gardens will help keep your house cooler naturally, especially if you have a dark or black roof. Dark colors absorb and radiate heat. You could opt for a simpler garden consisting of potted plants or turn your roof into a garden.

According to the City of Chicago, turning your roof into the garden is known as a “green roof system” in which the garden will be separated from the hard roof and will be equipped to drain and supply nutrients and you may even consider installing an irrigation system in this type of garden. They suggest when planning out your rooftop garden that you should follow these four steps.how accessible your roof is, the structural capacity and the condition your roof is in. If everything check’s out and you’ll be able to easily access your garden then it’s on to step two. the weight of the garden and your budget. Keep in mind the costs of maintaining the garden as well as your initial costs. Good to go? On to step three!

Decide the most effective design for your roof and budget and then figure out if you want to install irrigation, work on how it will drain and pick your plants. And the last, and most important step to not forget, is to get the required permits from your local government and then you’re ready to begin your Rooftop Eden! If you’re simply placing potted plants, you may not need any kind of permit but it’s always a good idea to double check. Rooftop gardens have become very popular in the Houston area. They are very attractive, mentally stimulating and can help give shade in the hot summers. Rooftop gardens give you the option of creating life in unused space. This is only the beginning of the process but it will be well worth it when it’s finished. You can be the first in your neighborhood to create a completely unique rooftop garden.

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