30 Gorgeous Modern Concrete Homes Ideas

Gorgeous Modern Concrete Homes Ideas 25

The idea of having a home that is made completely of concrete may seem unappealing. The concrete building that people see today always feels cold and damp on the inside and the look is just not pretty.

With so many other stylish home designs to choose from, why would this even be an option? The reason a solid concrete home should be your first choice is that it can benefit both you and the environment.

Those cold damp buildings that are made of concrete are old buildings that were made without the architectural abilities that we have now. They stay cold and damp because an unfavorable climate got into the building and the concrete serves as such great insulation that it allowed that climate to fester. Modern concrete homes are designed in such as way that the bad temperatures will not get into the home, making them a very comfortable temperature year round. The need for air conditioners and heaters is practically non-existent.

Not only will a solid concrete home cut down your utility bills by a great amount, they’ll also lower the amount of work you need to do to keep your home in good shape. Shingles and other types of outer siding require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Concrete doesn’t get dirty in the same way that other materials do and they require virtually no maintenance. This is because concrete is very solid and won’t easily wear down over time. Concrete being such a strong material also means that your home will be a lot safer. Whether you live in an area prone to hurricanes or tornadoes or a dry place that can easily spark fires, you have nothing to fear. Concrete walls are un-phased by winds up over 200 mph and since the material is fire proof, a fire won’t take out your home. You will still be safer getting to a safe location but you can rest assured that your home will be there when it is all over.

The thick walls of a concrete home not only make for great insulation but they also keep your home quiet from the loud noises of the busy world outside your home. This is a great feeling that many other types of homes don’t have. It’s a whole new sense of privacy and seclusion from the world without having to be far away from other people. Despite the bad reputation the concrete gets as not being an attractive material due to things like pavement or sidewalks, a concrete home can actually be very beautiful. Because concrete is poured and set, it can be made into just about any style home. The colors can range from a white to other light shades of color including a beautiful cream. This type of home is environmentally friendly because concrete is composed of easy to renew materials and can be reused later on. Perhaps the best benefit of having a concrete home is that there isn’t any sort of downside to it.

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