31 Gorgeous Double Sided Fireplace Ideas For Your Living Room

Gorgeous Double Sided Fireplace Ideas For Your Living Room 29

In cold climatic conditions fireplaces are a necessity. Fireplaces operate with gas, electric or wood and are used to keep the surroundings warm. There are several types of fireplaces available.

Double sided wood burning fireplaces have to be similar in size on both the sides. These fireplaces can be prepared in different sizes according to choice and availability of space in the home. Some double sided fireplaces have glass doors on both the sides.

There have been many improvements in the models of wood burning fireplaces over the last thirty to forty years. Now, pro-active efforts are being made to make fireplaces with least possible pollution. Besides this, safety aspect is also put on top priority to avoid any injury or loss to the owners and the workers. A few models of fire places are also available with right and left corner designs for better viewing angle. There are a number of reputed companies providing double sided fireplaces, Juca and Lennox being leading amongst all.

In few of the wood burning fireplaces, special type of chimney is fixed to minimize smoke, creosote and other harmful emissions to control air pollution. Wood burning fireplaces if placed properly can heat the entire home. A few fireplaces have metallic tops which gives them an attractive look. In these, fire burns for longer durations if thick logs of wood are inserted in the fireplace. The fireplaces with airtight chambers restrict the quantity of oxygen resulting in slow burning of the wood and thus giving heat for a long duration.

In case of some non-air tight design wood burning fireplaces, burning takes place cleanly and quickly which leaves no requirement for secondary burning. Free standing and arch top fireplace are also available in the market. Some of these are available with strong blowers, which provide adequate amount of heat for long hours. In case of these, proper attachment of the chimney is very important for exit of smoke and other harmful emissions. Information about various models is available on different web sites. One can chose the fireplace according to his need and choice from models of different specifications being offered in a wide price range. While going for the wood burning fireplace, aspect of safety should be given top priority. Double sided wood burning fireplaces with see through glass doors are very popular among the consumers.

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