34 Awesome Copper Fireplace Design Ideas For Your Living Room Decor

Awesome Copper Fireplace Design Ideas For Your Living Room Decor 18

When someone decides to buy a copper fireplace screen, they are probably thinking “that color will go really nice with my drapes”. Which is fine, you do want your colors to coordinate. However, that is probably where their thought about copper ends.

It is true that copper makes a beautiful fireplace screen. It coordinates great with the warm colors of a room which are the reds, yellows and oranges. There are also many other facts about copper that many people do not know.

Copper has a history of use that dates back to 10,000 years by some of the oldest civilizations. Alloying copper with zinc or tin makes brass or bronze which dates back to shortly after the use of copper itself. It is believed that copper was one one the first metals used by man next to gold and some irons.

In it’s pure form copper is pink or peachy in color. It is one of three element metals with a natural color other than silver or gray. Copper will go through color changes over time. It will turn blackish, brownish, reddish or tan caused by oxidation. This layer however, stops further corrosion of the copper. It will eventually will turn green over a long period of time. This green layer called verdigris is extremely resistant to corrosion. This is why the Statue of Liberty and old copper roofs look green. This leads to, will my copper fireplace screen change color? The answer is yes. However, most decorative copper comes with a coat of lacquer. Lacquer makes a barrier between the copper and the air to help prevent oxidation. You will still want to polish your copper fireplace screen with a copper polish to keep it looking like new or let it go and let it do it’s thing. It all depends on the look you want.

Copper is also germicidal. Copper has the ability to kill many harmful pathogens. Copper or brass doorknobs will disinfect themselves of many harmful bacteria within an eight hour period. What does all this have to do with my copper fireplace screen you might ask? It could make for some good conversation with your guests while you sit and admire your beautiful copper fireplace screen reflecting the flickering fire.

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