32 Popular Transitional Kitchen Design Ideas

Popular Transitional Kitchen Design Ideas 29

Building your own kitchen for the first time could be a very fun and exciting experience. With all the kitchen designs and trends presently available, you’d find yourself in awe of all the beautiful designs and concepts without knowing where to start. If you can’t seem to make up your mind as to which kitchen layout you want, let’s take a look at the most popular kitchen designs and layouts.

Contemporary Kitchens – This type of kitchen layout is very popular for its simplicity without compromising functionality. It’s basically designed and presented as a sleek and stylish kitchen. Think “minimalism” as you may. This type of kitchen design gives much emphasis on elements that are straightforward and yet state-of the- art.

As an example, a contemporary kitchen is more inclined to using basic furnishings such as frameless cabinets made of stainless steel or wood and utilizes colors that may border on the extreme such as bold to very bright to dark hues. The materials that are often used for countertops are often man-made which gives your kitchen that warm lively fee and accentuated with shiny metals such as brass or stainless steel. Traditional Kitchens – If you’re one of those people who prefer a more conventional and stylishly classic look, a traditional kitchen design would be perfect for you. This layout has been made famous because of its use during the 18th throughout the early part of the 20th century in most of the American and European homes.

Traditional kitchens utilize a variety of elements for ornamentation. These may come in the form of wood moldings and trimmings, railings and panels. Kitchen cabinets are generally made of stained hard-wood like mahogany or cherry with shades that vary from reddish to dark brown. Cabinet doors often feature intricate designs with handles that are made of metals such as bronze, brass, pewter or antique chrome. White is the most favored color when these wooden panels are to be painted. Country Kitchens – If what you have in mind is a kitchen that exudes a warm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere, I’m pretty sure you’d be interested in a country style kitchen. This layout reflects more of a bright, cheerful and home-y feel. Furnishings are usually made of wood which may be painted with bright colors or natural finish.

The classic floral designs and patterns would go well with the walls and cabinet doors and are oftentimes presented with a weathered looking finish. Kitchen floors are oftentimes made out of wooden planks that may be used as is or given a smooth finish. Transitional Kitchens – For those who want their kitchen to reflect elements borrowed from the different kitchen styles, the transitional kitchen design is perfect for you. This type of kitchen layout uses a cool combination of traditional and contemporary architecture that results to a fabulously eclectic looking galley.

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