30 The Best Modern Kitchen Condo Design And Decor Ideas

The Best Modern Kitchen Condo Design And Decor Ideas 36

Modern technology is redefining and reshaping the modern kitchen. These new products and gadgets are not only providing enhanced functionalities but also other possibilities like you have never imagined before. If you want to check out the latest options offered by modern technology, then here are some of a few innovative ideas which can transform your kitchen into a veritable hub of modern gadgets and appliances.

Watching your favorite TV show while cooking is not something new, but when you have a 15″ LCD TV screen integrated into your refrigerator, then it becomes a totally different story. There are now second generation refrigerators that have cable-ready TV screen on their front portion. These modern refrigerators are also equipped with a USB port so that you can upload digital images and data, turning your kitchen appliance into a cool flash display or imaging device.

But there are more exciting options beside the TV-on-your-refrigerator concept. There are now new models of modern refrigerators that are equipped with built-in alarm system. This allows you to easily monitor if the door of your fridge is closed or not as the alarm system is activated if it remains open for a specific time frame. Other “cool” options which you might consider when doing kitchen updating are the modern drawers which are sold in pairs and intended for your secondary kitchenette. You can also have a perfect entertainment or bar area of your choice where you can stock up on your favorite beverages and snacks. You can either go for the standard designs or the customized ones to attain a perfect match to the other design elements of your modern kitchen.

There is also a wide array of choices when it comes to modern ovens and cook tops regardless whether you are going for the free standing or built-in models. There are also a new line of kitchen products that adopts a new design concept known as “combiset” which allow flexibility in the design of your kitchen. Its individual parts include gas and electric burners, pot rests, fryer, griddles, barbecue and digital scale. There are even models that are outfitted with a sink which you can configure to suit your design preference and style. You have the option to choose specific components you want included in your “combiset” and installed based on your specifications. Another perfect addition to your modern kitchen is the free standing range that is equipped with the state of the art convection dehydrates and defrosts settings. This dual oven range is also an energy efficient kitchen appliance since it is outfitted with automatic ignition system.

If you are looking for genuine space savers, then this hip microwave-in-a-drawer is your best pick. This nifty appliance is designed to fit in the most unexpected spots. There is also the compact dishwasher which you can add to your smallish kitchen. This modern kitchen appliance comes in a 24″ wide body frame made of stainless steel front panel. It is equipped with sturdy glass support, adjustable top rack and hidden control panel. It is a perfect mate for those deprived of ample space in their homes or condos. If you want to add glam and class in the design of your kitchen, then you can opt for the kitchen appliances with the “floating glass” look. It is a practical alternative to stainless steel kitchen appliances. At the opposite end of the design range are the stoves and fridges with vintage looks. If you want to add depth to your rustic design, then you can pick these kitchen appliances that come in a wide range of retro colors such as turquoise, pink and red.

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