33 Amazing Black Walls Interior Design Ideas

Amazing Black Walls Interior Design Ideas 14

Many people are very comfortable with the color white on their walls, because they see it everywhere. How about the color black? What about adding the black paint to a room in your home? Is black a viable option or something too far over the top?

Adding paint to a room in your home is a big undertaking; first you must look carefully at the size of the room, the furniture, flooring, fabrics and even the way the natural light comes in. Also in the mix is the colors that you love and do they match what you have in the room now. It is no easy task to come up with a color scheme that works well with what you like and what you currently own.

Back to the question is black paint a good option? Many people would say no of course not, it is too dark. I disagree it is very striking and amazing when used correctly. Typically it would be used in a more modern theme, more of a contemporary theme. Yet you can also use it even with more traditional furniture. Black is a “big” statement color. It really gives the feeling of sophistication. The key is to make sure you use the color black as a dominate accent color in each of your other rooms, especially the rooms that are adjacent to your black room.

The color black will dominate the room often people will just use black and white. I like those combinations but I always suggest that you add at least one strong accent color used sparsely around the room. Remember your eye goes to color and you do not want it stuck only on the black walls you want them simply as a back drop and then the eye bounces around the room to the other color to take in the entire room.

You can use it in large or small rooms. Don’t be afraid of it, one suggestion, as always paint a sample piece, for this color I suggest the larger the better so you get the real feel of how the color will work in your room. Also use a good tented primer as the base coat so you use less coats of paint. The accent color is where you can go crazy and have fun a bright yellow or orange is amazing, also purple or blue works well. Have fun walk on the wild side a little, after all if you don’t like it you simply paint over it.

Sarah Houle

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