33 Fabulous Windows Design Ideas For Living Room Design

Fabulous Windows Design Ideas For Living Room Design 13

How do you use your living room? Is it a formal space with elegant furnishings and soft lighting, or is it a family space in which to kick back and relax or have a good time together? The type of window treatments you put into the room are going to depend on how you’re going to use it.

After all, it wouldn’t work out very well to put stiff, formal draperies into a family room-like atmosphere. You need to choose your living room window treatments to go with the way the room is used as well as by size, type, and color if you want to create a homogeneous space that is visually appealing.

I remember growing up that everyone had draperies in their living rooms. These usually included sheers underneath them as well as some type of decorative cornice. It was the style in a more formal time. However, as the world has become more relaxed and accepting of differing ideas, window treatments have changed along with the times. There are so many different choices today that you can match any d├ęcor and any type of room to appropriate window coverings. You can still have draperies if you want, but you can also choose curtains, valances, swags, shutters, tie-backs, or a host of other beautiful styles.

Another thing to consider when choosing your window treatment is the size of the window you’re wanting to dress. If it is a large, picture window, then you’re going to want to find a window treatment that will make it the focal point it is meant to be. If the windows are small, choose coverings that tend to blend in with your room, because you really don’t want to draw undue attention to them. Curtains that are either plain fabric or something that’s close in color to your walls will be best.

A final thing to consider is the amount of sun that comes in your living room windows during the day. If the room is bathed in bright sunlight for several hours each day, you’re going to want some type of living room window coverings that will block the light so that it won’t damage your furniture and carpets. As you know, UV rays from the sun can be hard on fabrics, and since your furnishings were a major expense, you want to keep them as protected as possible.

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