31 Gorgeous Contemporary Bedroom Window Design Ideas

Gorgeous Contemporary Bedroom Window Design Ideas 19

What to do with those windows. Isn’t it about time to shake things up a bit? Get away from the same old, same old? Let’s have some fun! Grab the edges of those tired old draperies or curtains and rip them down. Let’s see how much of a difference we can make with some contemporary window panels.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to blocking cold or heat and sound or light. Contemporary window panels allow you to do it all in style. How you decorate your living room can say an awful lot about your personality. What will your window treatments say about you?

Fabrics of all kinds can be used for window panels. Cotton crinkle, cotton canvas, silk, linen cotton, sheer linen and velvet are some of the fabrics available. What the makers of contemporary window panels do with those fabrics is nothing short of amazing. And the decorative stylization doesn’t stop there. There are sheer window panels and multiple prints available. You have to hang your panels on something. Let’s see what’s available in that category. Some designs, rather than a metal pole, use a chord (kind of like a clothesline thing but far more elegant); with a fine polished finish. There are metal poles such as nickel, bronze, smoked bonds, brown, grey and more; larger rings on which you hold the panels or smaller rings again with a matching polished finish. There are also double brackets for hanging things such as sheers or valances.

Varied textures and bold colors can work their magic in giving a room a contemporary look. And panels don’t have to hang straight down… Rather they can be draped, swag, utilize a valance, they can draw or not draw and are available in a multitude of lengths. Panels which draw together are frequently used, not only to block out light, but also to help keep out either hot or cold, making the room easier to regulate as far as temperature goes. The panels can also be hung over blinds, which are already serving as weather effect control. Tying your window panels in with other fabrics in the room is another option of a specific decorative affect. Matching the material with lamp shades, throw pillows and/or upholstery gives the room a nice unified feel. The rods from which you hang your panels can also tie in with finishes on lamps, handles on end table drawers and even things such as foot rails on home bars, metal wine racks and other things.

There are many ways to go about picking out your contemporary window panels, all depending on your needs and their purpose. Shopping for contemporary window panels by style will allow you to hold together a certain look or feel to a room, whereas shopping by color will simply reinforce the color scheme you have chosen for the room. And of course there are custom window panels available for those who just don’t fall within the lines of mediocrity.

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