30Awesome Ground Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Your Backyard

Awesome Ground Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Your Backyard 25

Above ground swimming pools are a great addition to any backyard. By offering all the swimming fun and excitement of a private pool without the high cost and permanence of an in-ground swimming pool, above ground pools are an attractive option for many families. With most above ground pools, you can start swimming soon after (and with some pools, even on the same day!) as installation.

Some are designed to be permanent pools that you winterize for the off-season and re-open in the spring; others can be easily disassembled and stored indoors during the fall and winter months. Best of all, with a wide range of available prices, construction options, shapes and sizes there are above ground swimming pools to match any backyard, any budget.

Above ground pools are typically available in depths from 48″ to 54″. Consumers can choose from round, rectangular and oval shapes, in sizes from a simple 12′ round to a large 18′ x 39′ oval, which offer options for yards of every shape and size, as well as the ability to swim laps, play water sports and provide hours of fun & recreation for adults and kids alike. Above ground pools now come in a variety of styles, too. From traditional above ground pools, to today’s more sleek and modular designs, there’s an above ground pool to fit the decor of any backyard. Above ground pools are made from a number of different materials, providing several construction and installation options to choose from. Traditional above ground pools such as Excalibur Pools, feature metal walls of galvanized steel that are exceptionally strong and durable. Some newer above ground pools, such as the Radiant & EZ Panel brands have energy-saving, eco-friendly properties which is making them increasing popular. Their strong metal walls feature a specially designed insulating foam core layer to retain heat and save on running costs & utilities. Their design also makes installation much more simple than traditional above ground pools, and they can be installed above ground, semi-in ground or completely in-ground – for the benefits of a traditional in-ground pool, without the high costs! A third class of above ground pools are perfect for smaller yards, smaller budgets and for families who want the flexibility to take down their pool during the off-season, or when moving. Intex pools for example offer round, rectangular and oval above ground pools in a variety of sizes, including some models made from a Super Tough® heavy-duty three ply liner, with an inflatable top ring that lets you set-up and swim in a single afternoon!

Whether the above ground swimming pool is made of metal or vinyl, assembly is usually very simple and straightforward. With metal frame pools, regardless of the specific construction design, the various pieces are fit and locked together before adding water. Traditional above ground pools such as Excalibur’s Sea Wind, Palm Bay, Glenridge, Regency and Sandstone models can usually be installed by 2-3 people in only a few hours. Newer EZ Panel, Intex and Radiant pools offer more modular construction and an even more simplified installation process. And for an Intex vinyl above ground pool with inflatable top ring, you simply fill the top ring using an electric or manual pump and fill the pool. As mentioned previously, several models of above ground pools including Radiant and EZ Panel offer a variety of installation options for fully customized results at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in ground pool. These pools are designed to be installed fully above ground, half way in ground or completely in ground. Another great benefit of above ground swimming pools is the fact that there are now as many choices in terms of accessories and equipment as there for in ground pools. For example, consumers will find a wide range of slides, flumes, ladders & steps specifically designed for above ground pools. Most pools can also be easily adapted for decks & fencing, providing even greater flexibility in terms of design and construction.

In terms of water sanitizing programs, above ground pool owners can now heat and sanitize their pool water without needing to rely on high levels of harsh chlorine or other chemicals. For instance, mineral-based water sanitizing offers an inexpensive and easy way to purify without the need for traditional chlorine. And new saltwater sanitizing systems are now available specifically for above ground pools. These “salt-chlorine generators” use low levels of natural everyday salt to create natural chlorine, which purifies and softens pool water. Above ground pool owners also have more options in terms of “going green” and making more eco-friendly pool heating choices that will also reduce the use of non-renewable, expensive energy sources. High-efficiency pool heaters and heat pumps can reduce energy use & running costs, and provide wonderfully warm pool water. And above ground solar heating systems can raise the temperature of pool water by 15 degrees using only the power of your pool pump and FREE heating energy from the sun. We always recommend the use of a solar pool blanket when the pool is not in use to retain heat, reduce evaporation and reduce debris. And even if you pool doesn’t feature specially-designed heat-retaining walls, wall foam (a commonly available pool product) can give every above ground pool heat-retaining properties – simply install it during pool set-up for warmer water and a longer swim season – all with lower running costs!

Consumers should always ask what’s included with the pool when considering an above ground pool purchase. For example, many above ground pools include the vinyl pool liner, but some do not. Another critical piece of equipment is the pump & filter system, which circulates & filters the water, as well as aids in purification. Some above ground pool kits such as Intex kits provide a convenient way to get all the components you need to have your pool up and running in no time. Standard above ground pool kits will typically include a pump and filter system, a maintenance kit, a ladder, a solar blanket and sanitizing chemicals. And of course, add-on accessories such as heaters, cleaners, fencing, lighting and games are always a good idea, for maximum safety, flexibility and fun. Whether or not you decide to take advantage of the convenience of above ground pool kits, there are many advantages to enjoy when you install an above ground pool in your yard. To begin with, above ground swimming pools offer an economical way to enjoy the fun of a private pool. While prices can go as high as several thousand dollars, quality above ground pools are also available for as little as $780. Another great advantage is that these swimming pools are fast and easy to assemble, winterize and take down. With a long list of available shapes and sizes, there’s a perfect above ground swimming pool for every backyard, so every homeowner can enjoy the fun and exciting experience of having their very own private pool.

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