32 Amazing Symmetrical Bedroom Design Ideas

Amazing Symmetrical Bedroom Design Ideas 07

What you want your bedroom to be most than all is restful. The decor trick to creating a serene and restful room, is creating symmetry, and then subtly breaking it. The eye and mind rest when there is balance in the room. In bedrooms, this can be achieved by having the bed centered with matching bedside tables and lighting fixtures on either side, and by centering a single piece of art work over the head of the bed.

Matching dressers on the opposite side of the room can create visual symmetry from the perspective of those lying in bed. By placing a vase or trophy on top of one of the dressers, you softly disrupt the identical quality of the mirrored design elements.

If a room is asymmetrical you can use custom built cabinetry to trick the eye into believing that the room is more symmetrical than it actually is. Think of your bedroom as if it were on a grid, and stay conscious of the horizontal and vertical lines you create within it. For example, the pattern in which you arrange furniture on the floor, and in relation to shelves on adjacent walls, creates these lines. Also, a row of identical vases with identical single stems of flowers, placed on a shelf or table top provides a place for the eye to rest, and a grid line to work with. A centrally placed piece of furniture, such as a massive bed, or even a dresser or a chandelier can be the focal point of the bedroom, from which all other elements radiate out wards. It is around this axis that you create symmetry.

Area rugs are especially good used as focal points, as they often have built in symmetry. Balance on either side of the central axis is also achieved using objects of the same color or texture, to link objects that are not the same size. Paradoxically, you can accentuate that symmetry by then adding a splash of asymmetry. A display of flowers in a tall floor standing vase on one side of the room, or piece of wall art that is irregularly shaped, breaks the monotony of a grid like design, while simultaneously causing it to appear to be more perfectly symmetrical than it actually is.

Architectural elements can also create symmetry in any room, bedroom included. An archway, skylight, or inlaid floor runner can become a central axis around which to build symmetry. Another way to create symmetry in a room is to have two windows of the same size and shape, with matching drapes. If the bed is placed between the two windows, it appears to be balanced by the flanking drape fabric. Conversely, a single window can be used as a central axis for your bed, and the walls on either side decorated with photographs in matching frames. Matching picture frames creates symmetry while allowing for variation in the art work itself. Two pictures done in different media or of different subject matter will balance each other well if they have a common color scale. Matching chairs on either side of a bedroom can add balance too, as can a carpet runner with matching light fixtures on either side. The possibilities are endless and you can use your own imagination and sense of balance to create a harmonious, restful and beautiful bedroom.

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