34 Fabulous Small Bathroom Tub Shower Combo Ideas

Fabulous Small Bathroom Tub Shower Combo Ideas 31

The standard size of a bathtub is 5 feet long, but for some that is just too long to fit into a small bathroom. If you are like many others who think the only option for your bathroom is a shower stall, think again. Some bathrooms need small bathtubs in proportion to the size of the bathroom itself…and they do exist.

A soaking tub is a great option in small bathtubs and actually is a better design all around. Based on the Japanese style tubs, depth in the tub makes the length unimportant. As long as you can submerge yourself in the water up to your neck and relax, then the tub is doing its job.

A soaking tub is generally deep enough for a full grown adult to sit in with the water reaching their chest. The tub is ideal for bathrooms with minimal size as the tub itself can be less than 3 feet in length. A soaking tub generally sits on a pedestal with steps and a platform to allow easy entrance and exit. A walk in tub is another idea in small bathtubs that may suit your small bathroom needs. A walk in tub has a door which makes entering and exiting much easier and safer. Older people love this design, enabling them to safely bathe without the risk of slipping, but the design is great for the whole family.

The one con to the walk in tub is that you must be in the tub to fill it and you cannot get out of the tub until it is completely empty. Opening the door while filling it, while full or while emptying it, will result in water damage as the water exists through the open door. For some this is not a problem, but if you like to prepare you bath ahead of time and get dressed while the water empties, this tub idea may not be the best choice. Corner tubs are an attractive and modern design option for your bathroom. Since it fits in a corner it takes up less room, these small bathtubs can be longer than a soak tub. It tends to be a combo of the soaking tub and traditional tub. It is deeper than the traditional tub, therefore not as long. The longer edge allows for reclining and relaxation and the design compliments any bathroom design.

Today’s tubs are not made of steel of tubs past. The use of fiberglass allows the tub to be molded to any shape and size and customized for any bathroom. Tubs of the past were made of steel and had claw feet. They were made long enough for a grown adult to lay in comfortably and soak up to their neck. But originally, people bathed in an empty barrel filled with water, similar to today’s soaking tub. The tubs of today come in many colors and designs that were made possible with the use of fiberglass. And with the many options in small bathtubs, every bathroom can have one. A bath is a time for relaxation and contemplation. No longer just a means of getting clean, the bathtub is your own little oasis. The ability to customize large or small bathtubs caters to your own needs. So float away in the comfort of your own home.

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