35 Amazing Ceramic Planters Design Ideas For Your Home Decoration

Amazing Ceramic Planters Design Ideas For Your Home Decoration 33

A drab, plain looking yard can be turned into a great display of color and character with garden planters. Whether they are made to hang on a wall or sit in the yard, garden planters can be a classy alternative to a whole garden. Each material used to make garden planters offer unique characteristics.

A comfortable, warm feeling can be added to any yard with a wood garden planter. They come in many different styles and shapes from square or rectangle shaped to round shaped. Wood garden planters are very durable and can hold heavy plants. If your yard does not already have an existing theme, a wood garden planter can be a great place to start because there are many options available.

Barrel-shaped garden planters are also available which will give your garden a classic, old-fashioned feel. Because of the nature of the wood, there are some considerations before choosing the wood option. Cedar is strong and resistant to weather damage but wood needs to be cared for with sealant or varnish, especially because you will be getting moisture on it with constant watering. Sunlight is also an enemy of wood so if you do not prefer the grayish, worn wood color, varnish or UV resistant paint should be applied. Varnish can be poisonous and harmful to the plants if the right kind is not chosen.

Concrete garden planters are beautiful and they will be a sturdy, long-lasting edition to the yard. The nature of concrete gives a weathered and unrefined theme and can concrete can be beautifully matched to stones and other accessories and furniture. Many can be quite large, so heavy plants can be supported. Caring for concrete garden planters is easier than wood and will not be as prone to damage due to weather. The size of concrete can be a concern for some individuals and yards. It is cumbersome and heavy and will not be easy to move, so mowing grass and doing other yard work around it may be difficult. The base of a concrete garden planter will naturally have a lot of holes if it is not already sealed and the water will leak out the bottom. This will require watering more often. Sealing the bottom of the garden planter is not recommended because dirty water will be able to be drained with ease.

A great vibe can be added to your yard or garden with resin garden planters. Finding the perfect resin planter can be easy because they come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Resin is also the most lightweight so they are good for plants that cannot stay in the sun or shade at all times. They are also the easiest to clean. Resin garden planters are weather resistant but they should be handled with care to avoid breaking. The colors may also fade more quickly unless they are painted with UV resistant paint. A natural and earthy feel can be achieved by purchasing a garden planter made of ceramic. Ceramic is beautifully crafted and painted and the colors are the brightest and most unique. Ceramic planters can also come in the most uncommon and unconventional of shapes. Ceramic planters are extremely delicate can break if knocked over or dropped. There is a good chance of cracking or shattering due to lawn mowers or other garden tools. Their unique designs also make ceramic garden planters some of the most expensive.

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