34 The Best Art Deco Bookcase Ideas Perfect For Living Room Decor

The Best Art Deco Bookcase Ideas Perfect For Living Room Decor 04

Since the Art Deco style was introduced in the mid-1920s, art and furniture have always shared a close relationship. Although the art inspired pieces were often expensive and hard to integrate into a traditional style home. Therefore, while you could find this unique furniture in the homes of wealthy art collectors, most homes shied away from purchasing such ornate pieces. While they were interesting, most were not practical, so for many art remained solely on the walls.

That, however, is starting to change. Art is popping up in some very interesting places; interesting combinations of metal and woodworking are being combined to create furniture that is both whimsical and practical at the same time. You can now find bookcases with intricate carved designs, or in unexpected shapes and sizes. These once bulky storage shelves now become the focal point of a room. Elaborate designs are also turning up in mirrors and detailed three-dimensional wall hangings, a fusion of metals and woods create eye-catching displays.

Once bland surface space is transformed into a canvas, allowing simple furniture to become a work of art. You can find everything from Picasso to Monet painted on dressers, nightstand, and even dining room tables. Adding art to your rooms no longer means losing storage or surface space. This furniture is the perfect marriage of imagination and practicality. You can create interest and excitement in room without breaking your budget. Art inspired pieces are often reasonably priced (if you are looking for reproductions) and can be found in boutique home decorating stores. If you want to add original pieces to your home, be prepared to pay a bit more and always purchase from a local artist. You can often find incredible pieces at local art shows or at specialty markets.

The great thing about this style of furniture is that regardless of your decorating style you are sure to find a terrific piece to add to your home. From traditional pieces to French country homes, if it has a surface that it can become a work of art. If you are looking for something that is truly original, try creating your own statement. You can easily transform your existing furniture into a personal artistic expression; it just takes a few steps. You can sand off any finish, then apply a coat of sealant (you can often find a white sealant that can create a great surface to paint on) and then create your masterpiece. So whether you want to add a Monet in the bedroom, or explore your own creative desires, art inspired furniture can add a bit of you into any room.

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