34 The Best Green Roof Houses Colors Ideas

The Best Green Roof Houses Colors Ideas 23

Al Gore in his talk entitled “The Inconvenient Truth” had made a lot of us open our eyes and become highly aware and concerned with regards to the status of the environment nowadays due to global warming. Icebergs are melting, forest fires are starting here and there, stormy weather becoming stronger and floods killing people and leaving thousands homeless.

This is why living the green kind of life is the way to go these days. After all, it is clear that when Mother Nature is angered, no one is spared and in the urban cities, there’s what we call the “urban heat island” effect especially in the areas where there are tall buildings and houses with traditional roof tops.

The “urban heat island” effect is a phenomenon wherein intense heat can be felt in the surrounding area because the sun’s rays are being absorbed by the asphalt or gravel that are used normally as conventional roofs. Before we talk about how to fight off this “urban heat island” effect, let’s discuss first what a green roof is and why it is called as such. A green roof describes what your roof is covered with – plant vegetation. It’s a type of roof that uses plants that crawl in the ground to cover the roof area of your house. It is not called a green roof because your roof is colored green.

One of the main benefits of a green roof is it provides a cooling effect because of the soil and the plants that layer your roof. They serve as your roof’s protection from the intense heat of the sun. And because the soil and the plants have stored water in them, when it evaporates due to the heat of the sun, it will give off that cooling effect in your surrounding area. You won’t even find the need to use your air conditioning system with a green roof! Now imagine the money you will save from doing so.

Another benefit is you’ll be given cleaner air to breathe. This is because of the fact that your roof is composed of living things that breathe in carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen in exchange. Do you despise the noise that is one of the consequences of living in an urban area? Well with a green roof installed in your house, you won’t be hearing as much noise because it will minimize it! It serves as sound insulation: the soil blocks out the low frequency noises while the plants blocks out the higher frequency noises. And did you know that you can also increase both the aesthetic appeal of your place and its real estate value when you have a green roofing system? Yes that’s right! Now isn’t that a great reason to have a green roof?. You are Mother’s Nature’s friend with a green roof and in return for helping do your share in making the planet eco-friendlier, you’ll be reaping health and financial rewards as well!

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