33 Amazing Gold Dining Room Decor Ideas

Amazing Gold Dining Room Decor Ideas 26

An elegantly decorated dining room can last you for years. Dining rooms are no longer just used for a big thanksgiving dinner, but used all year round. In this economy more and more people are entertaining at home. They are eating in and inviting family and friends over for dinner.

Designing your dining room to entertain larger groups or more intimate dining is the key to a well functioning dining space. Just think of all the money that you can save, by eating those expensive Saturday night dinners in your own home.

When designing a dining room, you want the space to be timeless, meaning that the room should not be trendy or the most fashionable color. what you put in the room should be an investment that will last you for well over 15 years. The space must also be a reflection of the style of your home. If your home is modern you would not want to do a traditional room, but maybe pull from the art deco area to create a modern yet timeless appeal. A dining room can be a place where you put that fabulous chandler you have always been dreaming about, or lavish draperies, with tie backs. The biggest investment in the dining room should be the table. Depending on the size of your room I would recommend the largest table that would fit with the option of one or two leafs. This will give you the ability to entertain a large party or smaller party. The dining table can be round or oblong depending on the shape of the room.

You want to invest in a good quality table that can be re stained or touched up if necessary. The seating is also very important, you want to invest in eight seats if possible and have extra slip covers made to pull over folding chairs if extra are needed. The chair itself should be of good quality, because you want it to last. when using upholstered seats, always order a few extra yards of fabric to replace a seat or two if necessary.

What are good color options for the dining room? I believe that a dining room no matter what the size of it is, should have and intimate feel. If you are going to paint the walls, a good color that is always timeless, would be in the red family, it is said that red stimulates hunger. Another classic color is in the gold family, gold is a color that will transcend most styles. I personally have always loved wallpaper in a dining room. There are so many wonderful wallpapers on the market today. A dining room is not a place to hold back, if you have always dreamed of having draperies, but not knowing where to put them, this could be the perfect place. Valance and draperies can finish off any window and add a touch of elegance to the room. If you have more of a modern space, you could always add and art deco rod and have elegant draperies gracing the sides of your window. If your style is more traditional, swags and cascades are a favorite or a kingston valance with trim.

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