34 Popular Leopard Dining Room Decor Ideas

Popular Leopard Dining Room Decor Ideas 07

If you have been looking at your condo or apartment and wishing you had more options for making use of your space, consider a decorative room divider. These partitions can create an office where there was once just a bedroom or a living room; they can act as separators for a dorm room, giving each roommate his/her own space; and they can act as a replacement for the interior wall you wish existed between your living room and dining room.

Because these screens are portable and versatile, you can choose and change your traffic patterns at will, and store them away when you don’t want to use them. These are more than just portable doors and walls, however; they are decorative pieces that will provide an accent to any home, loft, or room, whether decorated in modern art or country pieces. There are a wide range of options available through dealers and retailers online and in stores. You may choose a sliding divider, a folding screen, or even a hanging divider. Prices vary according to materials used, the size of the screen, and the design you choose.

As you search for your ideal divider, your only real task is to find the option that fits with your decorating ideas, meets your functional needs, and best suits your budget. With the vast variety of products available, this will not be difficult. You will be amazed at the creative and unique designs available when you begin shopping for your room partition.

If your home is decorated in a contemporary fashion, you may want to consider an animal print room divider. The touch of wild will accent your home, while serving the purpose of dividing a room or hiding an unsightly corner. The Leopard / Tiger Canvas Double Sided Room Divider, sold at overstock.com, is a bright, youthful piece with actual photographs of leopard spots and tiger stripes printed on the canvas stretched across the three panels. This product is priced at $114.99.

For a rustic look, copper room dividers offer artfully crafted and unique designs, ranging in price from the low $100’s to the $1,000’s. The Folding Room Divider from the Drummond Collection, for example, consists of three panels of framed copper that has been etched in a beautiful relief on either side. The frame is of beautifully finished hardwood, and the partition is available at ifurn.com for $556.59. If you would like a room divider that truly earns its keep, then you will want to look at photo room dividers. These dividers feature frames that hold various sizes of photos, maps, or pieces of art. While serving as a versatile barrier or wall, it provides an accent for your home’s d├ęcor and can display your family pictures or your latest creations at the same time. The Double Sided Photo Display Room Divider is sold at furniturehomedesign.com for $199.00. It holds up to 30 photos or other items; you can affect the overall look of the room with the images and colors you choose to display.

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