35 Gorgeous Kitchen Floating Shelves For Your Lovely Kitchen

Gorgeous Kitchen Floating Shelves For Your Lovely Kitchen 22

One of the many memorable scenes of the movie “Old School” is Will Ferrell’s character explaining to his friends that his post-wedding weekends are now comprised of trips to home improvement stores and maintenance projects. Home improvement projects can be expensive and eat away at a perfectly good weekend. However, there are a number of quick, inexpensive projects that can refresh the look of your home and increase its value if you decide to sell it.

If you choose to take on a project, improvements near the front of the house may have the most impact. A few simple projects can help organize an area that is easily overcome with clutter. The front of your home may be a convenient place to leave mail, backpacks, and keys. Create a designated drop spot for mail and keys using a pegboard, hooks, and a small basket attached to the inside of a cabinet door. If you have a little more room, install a bench with built-in storage for each family member’s items, a coat rack, and cubbies.

Adding shelving and repurposing bookcases are easy ways in which you can increase storage, and creatively display items. Floating shelves can provide a place to store books, photos, or movies, without taking up space on the floor. In the kitchen, floating shelves can be used to store cookbooks, mugs, or small plates. Modular shelving is a good solution for small spaces. You can store books, pictures, or small sculptures for a colorful and interesting display. Cubby-style shelving can accommodate baskets to help you store small items. Finally, you can change the look of built-in shelves by painting the back, or applying scrapbook paper or fabric in an eye-catching pattern.

In the kitchen, matching the doors and face panels on your appliances can improve the look of the room. Many customers are surprised to learn that dishwasher doors are white on one side, and black on the other. Simply unscrewing and turning around the panel to the opposite side can instantly change the color. Contact the manufacturers of your oven, microwave, stove, and other appliances to ask about ordering matching panels. Adding extra storage is an inexpensive way to make your kitchen more functional. Corner shelves with decorative brackets can be used to store cookware, plates, or spices. Mounting a wine rack to the wall is also another storage solution for homeowners who entertain regularly, or who have an extensive wine collection. Over-the-door wire organizers are also good solutions for storing freestanding bottles of dish detergent, countertop cleaners, and sponges.

The outside of your home can also benefit from a few small projects. Painting exterior doors in a bright color like cherry red or cobalt blue can instantly update the front of the house. A fresh coat of paint applied to the trim can also create a welcoming exterior. Changing any broken hardware, adding a knocker, or replacing address numbers are also subtle, but noticeable upgrades.
Home improvement projects do not have to be as expensive or time consuming as painting entire rooms. Use these simple ideas to transform your home with ease.

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